Call for papers SWIP.NL Panel Hypatia Conference

What is Unique about the Voice of Feminism in the Lowlands?

May 28-30, 2015, Villanova Conference Center, Villanova University

We are happy to announce that SWIP.NL has been invited to organise a panel during the Hypatia 2015 Conference ‘Exploring Collaborative Contestations’, which aims to create a space for diverse perspectives, difficult conversations, and marginalized voices within feminist philosophy. For further information:

The theme of the SWIP.Nl–panel, What is Unique about the Voice of Feminism in the Lowlands, explores the various ways in which feminist philosophers from the Lowlands contribute to feminist theory and experiment with positions in contemporary thought. Hence it aims to shed a light on the uniqueness of the feminist voice in the Lowlands.


Deadline for submission of 250 word proposal: November 15, 2014. SWIP.Nl membership is required. Not a member, join SWIP.Nl now via

Abstracts can be submitted by sending an e-mail to:

Enquiries: Nathanja van den Heuvel,

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